We endeavor to:

L - liberate from poverty
I - infuse with hope
F - free
T - teach to advance

U - undergird
P - provide opportunity

Operation Lift-Up exists to assist people who are trapped in a cycle of poverty, who have been exploited by human trafficking or who are disadvantaged and need a boost to use their natural gifts.

Our mission

 Operation Lift-Up endeavors to help people find self worth that will be enduring.

Our goal

Empower people to become productive citizens of their culture so that they might lift up someone else

  • Help children

    Be nutriciously fed, go to school, find lasting value.

  • Start Small Businesses

    A small business can enable a mother to feed and educate her children.

  • Assist victims of human trafficking

    Freed victims of human trafficking need job skill training in order to become self-supporting and find a new way of life.