Possible expansion of Local clinic

What we found out

It is urgent for the social health center of Solinyogobu to be expanded and equipped with a maternity center because it is situated in an area where there is a lack of health centers, and those that exist are rudimentary. Modern health centers like the Regional Health Center (RHC) are far from the local population around Solinyogobu. Due to the distance from the RHC, many women prefer to give birth at home with all the consequences related to maternity and child health; hence the necessity of building a well equipped maternity section in order to save lives.

Recently the welcome center of Solinyogobu placed seven little ones in local host families. Five of these seven children lost their mothers at childbirth. We desire to provide better prenatal care for expectant mothers, updated labor and delivery rooms, and postnatal care for mother and child.

How we are going to help in this project

Construct a maternity clinic