A doll, a soccer ball . . .

a simple toy can put a smile on a child's face

A gift for a child's birthday or for Christmas will bring joy that many have yet to experience.

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Create A Small Business

Change the destiny of my children

A cycle of poverty can be broken by giving women the opportunity to start a small business. A small investment can provide the way forward for these ladies.

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Orphan's shelter

"I want to visit my parents"

Many of the children of Solinyogobu Welcome Center lost their mother in childbirth. The center endeavors to find homes where these children can have loving parents and a safe place.

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A child's wish

"go to school and make friends"

The price of a family night out in a nice restaurant can provide a year's education for a child.

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Current causes

In need of your help.

Water Wells for Togo Schools
Water Wells for Togo Schools
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Create Sanitation Facilities

Become a Partner in changing lives!

Compassionate people can revolutionize the life of an abandoned child or an exploited victim. Providing educational opportunity for gifted children and adolescents turns their disadvantage into wonderful opportunity!

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When supporting us, we fight together to survive.

Our mission

Operation Lift-Up endeavors to help people find self worth that will be enduring.

Our goals

Empowering people to become productive citizens of their culture so they may lift up others.

  • Help children

    Be nutriciously fed, go to school, find lasting value.

  • start small businesses

    A small business can enable a mother to feed and educate her children.

  • assist victims of human trafficking

    Freed victims of human trafficking need job skill training in order to become self-supporting and find a new way of life.

What can you do to help?

Take action and change .

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Kohima children's welcome center

Operation Lift Up assists in providing a safe place for children.

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Local school children receive back packs and supplies

Students in Winston and Choctaw counties received free back packs.

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Help bring life change to a mother or a child.

Lend a helping hand to a mother who would like to provide a better opportunity for her children. Open the pathway for a chilld to get an education.

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